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When sending your resume out for jobs, your first impression is the last impression.
Keep your resume short, one page is best; do not go over 2 pages.
Your employer does not have the time to go through long resumes.
Use the keywords from the job description in your resume.
Be honest, write what you can do.
Most employers use screening apps that can scan resumes for keywords the rest don’t even go beyond the screening app.
Be specific and brief mention the most relevant items in your resume.
Resumes must be easily legible, hard to read resumes are not considered for jobs.
Keep your resume looking clean and nicely organized.
Do not talk about your bad experiences, do not talk bad about your past employer. 

This will give your new employer a feeling that they cannot trust you and you may talk bad about them.
Do not brag about your accomplishments just mention them in a mature way.
Let your new employer know that you are a good listener, good team player, you have good work ethics.

 You will work for the profit and benefit of your new company.
The best way to write a resume is by putting yourself in your employer’s shoes, and think who would you hire for the job, and why?
Of course, it must be someone who cares about your company and profit. 

Get along with other people, departments, punctual, good ethics , good morals, good listener, good communicator.
How you write your resume; defines your ability to communicate.
In my opinion the applicant should write their own resume.
How you define your abilities in the resume; also defines your ability to communicate.
The ability to multitask should be big on your resume.
The ability to handle stress is important to your employer.
Delivering good customer service is important.

resume template-resume writing tips

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