About Emoticon: Your Popular Emote Company

Emoticon celebrates the power of emojis! The emote (a shortened form of emoji or emoticon) lets everyone express exactly what they mean and feel from anywhere. Our team is proud to help.

High-Quality Emotes

Our team of designers and illustrators takes pride in every unique emote pack. We deliver PNG files for each project as well as the emote packs in our store. These high-quality emojis display perfectly, no matter where you put them.

We take the time to ensure that every Twitch, Discord, streaming, and custom emoji is perfect. It’s part of what makes us a leader in popular emoticon packs. Take a look at our store to see the difference.

Custom Emoji Packages

At Emoticon, we recognize that your needs are unique. That’s why we currently offer a limited capacity for custom emoticon packs in a variety of styles. We work with you on every order to create the perfect emojis for what you want to express.
We love taking on custom emote package projects to create one-of-a-kind, exclusive emotes. The team loves seeing the results and knowing we’ve helped you effectively communicate when it matters most.

Suitable for All Applications

There are many ways and reasons to add emote packs to your spaces. Let Emoticon deliver unique emote packs that make your space recognizable, engage your community, and enhance your brand.


When you’re building a streaming audience, recognizability and personal expression count. Streamer emoji packs provide that instant touchstone between you, your audience, and what you’re conveying, so look into unique emote packs today.


Whether you run a Discord server just for fun or use chat features every day as part of your work, emojis change how people receive your chat messages. Make sure you’re sending the perfect tone with distinctive emote packs.


Branding is critical for every business niche, and special emotes can be a component of your brand. In some cases, they’re more recognizable than logos! See what unique emoji packs can do for your business today.


If you do anything with content, especially video, recognizable emote packs are a game-changer. People can recognize them immediately, they’re easy to add to any project, and you can use them to unify your content. Ask about unique options today.

About Our Products

These products are digital PNG files that come in a .zip file. Download the emotes, unzip the file, and enjoy your new emote packs. All packs are formatted to work with Discord, Twitch, and all your streamer channels.
Please subscribe to or favorite Emoticon for updates on the latest information on unique emote packs, especially Chibi emojis, animated emojis, and animal emotes.

Order Terms

There are no returns once you complete an order due to the digital nature of the products. These emojis are for personal use only and cannot be resold.
We are available at your convenience to address any questions.

About Custom Orders

Emoticon does offer limited custom emoticon pack design services. If you have not found the perfect emojis for your needs, contact our team of custom emoji designers for a quote. We offer a variety of styles, poses, and customization options.

How It Works

  1. Contact info@emoticon.com
  2. Send the details of your order, including poses, styles, and reference photos
  3. Receive a quote for your custom emoji pack
  4. Please allow at least 24 hours per custom emote, queue dependent
  5. Receive the perfect custom emote pack in your email