Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Set Up an Account with Emoticon?

Setting up an account is simple. Click the person icon in the upper right corner of this web page, provide your information, and then check for your welcome email. You can use your account to track order status and history with Emoticon

Is Emoticon Secure?

Yes, all your purchases through the Emoticon website are secure. We offer payment through PayPal and Mastercard to meet your needs

Do You Offer Returns?

No, we do not offer returns on completed orders due to the digital nature of our products.

If you have begun a custom order you would like to cancel, please contact us within 24 hours of starting the order. We cannot refund orders beyond that point.

Something is Missing from My Order. How Do I Fix That?

Just reach out to us at with a photo of your order, and we’ll make it right.

While we do our best to ensure every emoticon pack is complete, on rare occasions, something gets by us. We’re happy to send missing items so you can enjoy your emoji packs on Discord, Twitch, or anywhere you stream

How do I Cancel My Order?

Due to the digital nature of our products, we do not accept cancellations after an order is complete. Furthermore, we only accept cancellations in the first 24 hours for custom emote packs.

If you have ordered a custom emoji pack and want to cancel your order, please contact us at within the first 24 hours. This option is only available if the order has not shipped yet.

How do I Contact Emoticon?

All queries for Emoticon go to or our contact us page. These options ensure that your message reaches us safely so we can support your popular emote needs